Spanish Grammar Lessons

Conjugating Verbs

We conjugate verbs in Spanish by first taking the "base" from the infinitive form of the verb.

For example:

hablar is an infinitive.

habl is the base of the verb, because the "ar" ending has been removed from the infinitive. There are 3 types of infinitive verb endings in Spanish:  -ar, -er, and -ir.

Once we have the base of the verb, we add the appropriate ending. The ending we add to the verb will depend on the tense of the verb.

Here is an example of a regular verb ("hablar") conjugated in the present tense:

  singular plural
first person hablo hablamos
second person hablas hablis
third person habla hablan

yo hablo
t hablas
usted habla; l habla; ella habla
nosotros hablamos
vosotros hablis
ustedes hablan; ellos hablan; ellas hablan

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