Spanish Grammar Lessons

Formation of Adverbs

Adverbs are words that can modify a verb, adjective, or even another adverb. They are used to express concepts such as time, manner, cause, or place. In Spanish, adverbs are placed after the verb they modify.

Most adverbs in Spanish are formed by simply adding "mente" to the feminine singular form of an adjective. (Remember that some adjectives have the same form for both the masculine and feminine.)

Adverbs are usually placed after the verb they modify in Spanish.

lentamente (the adjective lenta + mente)
absolutamente (the adjective absoluta + mente)
evidentemente (the adjective evidente + mente)

Some adverbs have their own formed and must be memorized. A listing of some common adverbs that fall into this category can be found here: Common Spanish Adverbs

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