Spanish Grammar Lessons

Indefinite Articles

There are 4 forms of the indefinite article in Spanish. The indefinite article must agree in both gender and number with the noun. The only time this is not the case is with feminine nouns that begin with a stressed "a". (See list below)

singular plural
masculine un unos
feminine una unas

Any noun that begins with a stressed "a" or "ha" will use the indefinite article un. However, these nouns will use unas in their plural form, just like all other plural feminine nouns. Here are some examples:

un alma, but unas almas
un hambre, but unas hambres

The indefinite article in Spanish is equivalent to the English articles "a", "an" and "some/several".

a hat
some hats

a house
some houses
un sombrero
unos sombreros

una casa
unas casas

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