Spanish Verbs



Here are the conjugations for "gustar" in the simple tenses:


present tense:   gusta   gustan
preterite tense:   gustó   gustaron
imperfect tense:   gustaba   gustaban
future tense:   gustará   gustarán
conditional:   gustaría   gustarían


In English we use the verb "to like" to talk about nouns that we like. In Spanish things work a little differently. The verb gustar actually means "to be pleasing to". Notice the following example:

"Me gusta el café" would literally be translated as "Coffee is pleasing to me".

The only two conjugations that will be used for gustar are the 3rd-person singular and 3rd-person plural. [gusta and gustan for the present tense]

If you are talking about someone liking a singular noun, use the 3rd-peronal singular. If you are talking about liking something plural, you will use the 3rd-person plural.

More examples:

Me gusta la comida.   I like food.
Me gusta bailar.   I like to dance.
Te gustan los dulces.   You like candy.
A Juan le gustan los .   Juan likes books.


Notice in the last example how "A Juan" was added. To state specifically who it is that likes something, add A + (name) to the beginning of the sentence.